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Which employer messages should I respond to?

Should I respond to a school's initial contact? What are the expectations? Can I respond to only messages that I want?

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On Selected, you're only visible to employers that match your preferences (locations, grade levels, employer type) so there is a higher likelihood that the messages you receive will be relevant to you.


Just as you'd expect a response when submitting a job application, employers appreciate acknowledgement that their message was received. We encourage you to be courteous and respond to the messages you receive from employers in a timely manner (at most 7 days) since many employer searches are time-sensitive.

What does it mean to respond to a message?

Replying to a message does NOT mean committing to a position—or even an interview! It simply means that the employer will be able to view your resume and contact information to open up the conversation about opportunities they have now/in the future.

What happens if I do not respond to a message?

If you choose not to respond, your profile will remain anonymized to the employer. You can archive the message to keep your inbox clear and avoid getting reminders to respond.

Candidates that speak to more schools get better results. If you are on the fence, try speaking to the school to learn more — you never know! While you're welcome pass on responding, please note that activity on the platform, such as being responsive to outreach, will help boost your profile's visibility to other matching employers.

What if I'm no longer looking for an opportunity?

Let Selected know by updating your job search status from your Dashboard so we can deactivate your account and stop sending you notifications.

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