A key benefit of Selected is that a candidate gets to decide whether to connect or pass on a school's invitation to talk:

That means you can accept as few or as many invitations as you'd like. If you received multiple offers and would like to only accept one — feel free to do so. 

However, some tips:

  • Respond immediately: Clicking one button will show the school that you are a pro! Do not ignore an invitation, click "Pass" if you are not interested (the school will appreciate the feedback). No additional follow up is needed.
  • Be open to opportunities: Candidates that speak to more schools get better results. If you are on the fence, try speaking to the school to learn more — you never know! If you pass on a school, you can always re-connect later without the school knowing you initially passed.
  • If you found a job:  Let Selected know by emailing hello@getselected.com with “HIRED” and the name of your new school so we can deactivate your account and stop sending reminders.
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