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Converting your resume to a PDF

How to upload your resume file as a PDF on the candidate profile

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Why should I convert to a PDF?

Uploading your resume as a PDF is a best practice to ensure your resume appears as you intend it to.

  • Not everyone has the same software program that you used to create your resume: A hiring manager may not be able to open your file if they don't have Microsoft Word, Pages for Mac, etc. If they are able to open your file, it may render with broken formatting.

  • It makes you look more professional: A PDF file will render consistently across all devices, as expected. It shows thoughtfulness and polish.

How do I create a PDF version of my resume?

Easiest way:  Your word processing program likely can export to PDF. All you need to do is "save as" or "export" your working file to a "PDF". See:

                  Microsoft Word

                  Pages for Mac

                  Google Docs

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