What is a Headline?

Headline is a short blurb that introduces yourself to schools that are deciding whether to send you an initial message and talk more. Below is an example of what you look like to a school:

What makes an effective headline?

  • Communicates what makes you unique — what can you contribute to a school?
  • What hard skills, experience, and accomplishments do you bring to the table?
  • What are you passionate about? What do you value?
  • Succinct, grammatical, polished

Can you give me examples?
Below are a few Headlines from real candidates who were successfully hired on our platform (edited to protect privacy):

School Focused:

  • Middle school science and social studies teacher with proven track record of academic achievement, TFA alumna, founding charter school teacher, passionate about science!
  • Results-driven elementary school teacher. Bilingual (Spanish/English). Masters in Elementary Education with a concentration in Reading. Based in CO. Open to relocation!
  • Enthusiastic, bilingual (Spanish) early childhood teacher passionate about the life-long impact of a strong early childhood education on future success.
  • Passionate, innovative teacher trained to deliver Common Core Curriculum within an elementary classroom setting. MS Ed Special Education expected 2018.
  • 2nd year English Language Arts teacher in Title I NJ school. TFA 20XX alum. MS Ed in Reading, Writing, and Literacy, University of X. BA, X College.
  • Student-driven, data-informed bilingual (Spanish) elementary educator. Inspiring students since 2014. Former TFA. Johns Hopkins Masters Graduate. Relocating to NYC.
  • Results-driven high school special educator in the New Visions for Public Schools Hunter College Urban Teacher Residency.
  • Academic and research-driven elementary school teacher experienced in ELL, Special Education, ELA, Math, Science, Social Studies, and Music.
  • Results-driven Literacy / English and Math Teacher. Dual certified in elementary and special education.
  • Experienced elementary school teacher. Problem solver. Data driven. Social-emotional education enthusiast. Relationship builder. Differentiated curriculum designer.
  • Elementary teacher who has a growth mindset for all students in their academic and emotional abilities. Providing GRIT instruction and instilling responsibility.
  • Recent high school, 12th grade, bilingual English teacher seeking employment for school year 2018-19.

Pod Focused:

  • Looking for a tutor/teacher for your family or homeschooling pod for this school year? I am an experienced classroom teacher who has worked with kids from age 5 to 18 in many subjects. Science and math are my specialties.
  • Innovative elementary educator passionate about literacy. Excited to have in-home teaching experiences! New York State Certification (early childhood education grades Pre-K-2).
  • Experienced, enthusiastic and motivated STEM Educator dedicated to meeting the diverse needs of students and parents. Bilingual: Arabic and English

Interested in Both Role Types:

  • Lifelong learner and educator passionate about helping students develop knowledge in diverse settings!
  • Adaptable teacher experienced working with students from diverse cultural, economic and educational backgrounds. Able to identify and support the specific needs of students whether at home or in school!
  • Special educator looking to broaden her horizons in the education field. Pennsylvania State certified in general and special education for children birth through sixth grade.
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