This message is intended to quickly introduce the candidate to your school in a way that compels them to respond/engage further. This way, you'll gain access to their full name, resume, and contact details, and can move them along in your recruitment pipeline as you see fit.

Consider keeping it brief, making clear that you're not just interested in anyone and everyone—but particularly interested in them, and asking a simple yes/no question (to increase response rates). They can learn more about your school's details in your school profile link or subsequent messaging/interviewing! It's also helpful to give them an out for any position you recommend for them while inquiring if they're open to hearing about a vacancy that could be a better match. It's best to avoid dead ends and keep doors open instead—you never know what need you'll have next.


Good Morning!

I hope this message finds you well—I’m reaching out because <enter organization or school> is looking for excellent candidates to join our team, and your profile stood out as a potential great fit!

It sounds like our <enter job> might be a particularly good fit given your qualifications. Would you be interested in learning more?

That said, if you'd be more interested in a different position type, are you open to being considered for our other opportunities?

Either way, we'd love to get to know you better and learn more about what you're looking for! If you'd rather interview immediately, you're welcome to schedule a call <here (enter scheduling link)>. Please respond here to confirm if you do schedule so we can review your resume.

Thanks and take care,

<Enter your name>
<Enter your role>

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