Selected encourages schools to initiate contact:

  • inviting a candidate to connect
  • first message

However, not all schools will message you first. Don't take this personally, but as an opportunity:

  • Demonstrate your initiative, interest, and engagement — signs to a recruiter / hiring manager that you are genuinely interested in their school
  • Show off your friendliness and personality a bit
  • Keep your candidacy at the top of a school's mind (a little "advertising" goes a long way in getting a job offer)

An effective initial message is typically:

  • Friendly, succinct, grammatical
  • Inquisitiveness and signals interest (e.g., asks a thoughtful, "good" question about the school or opportunity, not one that shows you did not do your homework)
  • Gracefully drives the conversation forward

Real examples, more to be added (edited for privacy):

  • Hello Principal X, Thank you for your consideration. I look forward to applying to your school for a position for the 2018-2019 school year. Thank you and I look forward to speaking with you soon. 
  • Good morning; Thank you for your interest. I am excited to return to the classroom after 10 years at X High School in Y. While at X, I was a member of the science department as a teacher and department chair. I also taught math in summer school. I look forward to exploring opportunities that may exist at your highly regarded academic institution. Thank you for your time.
  • Good morning. My name is X, and I am a certified music teacher, private music instructor, and freelance musician based in the Boston area. I am interested in pursuing a music position at any one of your campus. I would be more than happy to send any needed information, as well as complete any needed application information. I look forward to hearing about the availability employment opportunities that the Boston School District has available.
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