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How do I keep my job search private from my current employer?
How do I keep my job search private from my current employer?

"Profile Preview" feature lets you choose how your information is displayed to schools.

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On Selected, you're in control of your job search and what information is shared with any given employer.

We never share full candidate details with employers that you haven't explicitly told us to by expressing interest, applying to a job post, or responding to a message.

As the default setting, schools see your initials, profile photo, and the qualifications you've added to your profile (they won't even see your resume before this step!). You can further anonymize your pre-messaging profile view by navigating to your profile's Profile Preview tab and updating your Privacy Preferences by toggling to "Yes" in response to the question "Do you want your personally identifying information hidden from schools?" This will hide your profile photo, places of employment, and institutions attended.  

If you choose this option, schools will still be able to send you an initial message. However, if you want to continue blocking them from seeing your name, resume, and from further messaging, simply do not respond to their message with 7 days (we'll discretely hide you from their pool). If you DO want the school to see your name, resume, and have the ability to message you about open positions, just respond to their initial outreach!

To see how your Profile Page Preview is displayed to schools in Private Mode, click the "Profile Page Preview" button.

It's that easy—the ball is in your court.

Best of luck in your search! 🔎

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