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What locations is Selected in?

Employers hiring on Selected are currently located in these geographies, cities, or areas.

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Selected continues to add new schools regularly and will expand to additional cities and regions across the US to meet their needs. Contact us at to request your area!

Current metro areas (includes surrounding areas):

  • Alabama: Birmingham and Huntsville

  • Arizona: Phoenix, Scottsdale, and Tucson

  • California: Fresno, Los Angeles, Oakland, Orange County, Sacramento, San Diego, San Francisco, San Jose, Stockton-Modesto, San Fernando Valley, the Bay Area, Inland Empire, Riverside, Ventura County, and Oxnard

  • Colorado: Colorado Springs, Denver, Fort Collins-Loveland

  • Connecticut:  Hartford, New Haven, Stamford

  • Delaware: Dover and Wilmington

  • Florida: Boca Raton, Jacksonville, Miami, Orlando, Palm Beach, and Tampa

  • Georgia: Atlanta and Savannah

  • Hawaii: Honolulu

  • Illinois: Chicago, Quad Cities

  • Indiana: Fort Wayne, East Chicago-Gary, Indianapolis

  • Iowa: Quad Cities

  • Louisiana: Baton Rouge, New Orleans

  • Maryland: Baltimore, near DC

  • Massachusetts: Boston as well as Central and Western Massachusetts

  • Michigan: Detroit

  • Minnesota: Minneapolis-St. Paul

  • Mississippi: Jackson

  • Missouri: Kansas City, St. Louis

  • Nevada: Las Vegas

  • New Jersey: Camden, Newark, Trenton, other areas

  • New Mexico: Albuquerque

  • New York: New York City (all boroughs), Long Island, Hudson Valley area, Upstate (Albany/Troy, Buffalo, Ithaca, Rochester, Syracuse, Utica)

  • North Carolina: Charlotte, Raleigh-Durham, and Winston-Salem

  • Ohio: Cleveland, Columbus, Cincinnati, and Toledo

  • Oklahoma: Oklahoma City and Tulsa

  • Oregon: Portland

  • Pennsylvania: Pittsburgh and Philadelphia

  • Rhode Island: Providence

  • South Carolina: Charleston, Columbia

  • Tennessee: Chattanooga, Memphis, and Nashville

  • Texas: Austin, DFW, El Paso, Houston, Midland-Odessa, Rio Grande Valley, and San Antonio

  • Utah: Salt Lake City

  • Vermont: VT North, VT South

  • Virginia: Norfolk, Newport News Richmond, Virginia Beach, + near DC

  • Washington: Seattle-Tacoma

  • Washington, DC

  • Wisconsin: Madison and Milwaukee

Note: There are hiring schools located outside the metro areas listed above. The list represents the vast majority of where the current schools are located.

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