What locations is Selected in?
Employers hiring on Selected are currently located in these geographies, cities, or areas.
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Selected continues to add new schools regularly and will expand to additional cities and regions across the US to meet their needs. Contact us at hello@getselected.com to request your area!

Current metro areas (includes surrounding areas):

  • Alabama: Birmingham and Huntsville

  • Arizona: Phoenix, Scottsdale, and Tucson

  • California: Fresno, Los Angeles, Oakland, Orange County, Sacramento, San Diego, San Francisco, San Jose, Stockton-Modesto, San Fernando Valley, the Bay Area, Inland Empire, Riverside, Ventura County, and Oxnard

  • Colorado: Colorado Springs, Denver, Fort Collins-Loveland

  • Connecticut:  Hartford, New Haven, Stamford

  • Delaware: Dover and Wilmington

  • Florida: Boca Raton, Jacksonville, Miami, Orlando, Palm Beach, and Tampa

  • Georgia: Atlanta and Savannah

  • Hawaii: Honolulu

  • Illinois: Chicago, Quad Cities

  • Indiana: Fort Wayne, East Chicago-Gary, Indianapolis

  • Iowa: Quad Cities

  • Louisiana: Baton Rouge, New Orleans

  • Maryland: Baltimore, near DC

  • Massachusetts: Boston as well as Central and Western Massachusetts

  • Michigan: Detroit

  • Minnesota: Minneapolis-St. Paul

  • Mississippi: Jackson

  • Missouri: Kansas City, St. Louis

  • Nevada: Las Vegas

  • New Jersey: Camden, Newark, Trenton, other areas

  • New Mexico: Albuquerque

  • New York: New York City (all boroughs), Long Island, Hudson Valley area, Upstate (Albany/Troy, Buffalo, Ithaca, Rochester, Syracuse, Utica)

  • North Carolina: Charlotte, Raleigh-Durham, and Winston-Salem

  • Ohio: Cleveland, Columbus, Cincinnati, and Toledo

  • Oklahoma: Oklahoma City and Tulsa

  • Oregon: Portland

  • Pennsylvania: Pittsburgh and Philadelphia

  • Rhode Island: Providence

  • South Carolina: Charleston, Columbia

  • Tennessee: Chattanooga, Memphis, and Nashville

  • Texas: Austin, DFW, El Paso, Houston, Midland-Odessa, Rio Grande Valley, and San Antonio

  • Utah: Salt Lake City

  • Vermont: VT North, VT South

  • Virginia: Norfolk, Newport News Richmond, Virginia Beach, + near DC

  • Washington: Seattle-Tacoma

  • Washington, DC

  • Wisconsin: Madison and Milwaukee

Note: There are hiring schools located outside the metro areas listed above. The list represents the vast majority of where the current schools are located.

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