What is the “About Our Family/Group” section for?

The “About Our Family/Group” section is a short blurb that introduces your family/learning pod and its needs to teachers. This helps candidates decide whether or not to they'd be interested in talking more with you.

Key pieces of information to include:

  • Location for where the instruction will take place (City, State)
  • Learning environment description (in-person, virtual, or hybrid as well as other details (e.g., will one adult family member always be home during instruction?)
  • Number of children being taught
  • Individual family or learning pod of families (if learning pod, how many families?)
  • What is your curriculum preference? (e.g., follow your child's school's virtual learning plan, follow the school's plan AND supplement with enrichment activities, or should they entirely provide their own?)
  • Approximate number of hours/week
  • Anything else that's important for the teacher to know (if they should be proficient in a language other than English, be especially knowledgeable about a particular subject area, have a completed certification, etc.)
  • Salary range (hourly or annualized)

Below are examples you can adapt for your profile:

  • We’re a single family with two children (entering K and Grade 2) looking for a teacher with Montessori experience to support our children, in-person at (our home in Manhattan), with their school’s virtual curriculum while providing supplemental enrichment activities. 30 hours per week. $30-40 per hour.
  • Pod of three families in Philadelphia with five total students (all Kindergarten) seeking a teacher to facilitate their school’s provided virtual curriculum. 3 days a week in-person (mornings) and two days a week virtual (afternoons). One parent will be home at all times. Arts and crafts experience preferred! About 20 hours per week at $25/hr (negotiable).
  • Pod of four families with seven total students (two PreK, two 1st Grade, one 3rd Grade) seeking an in-home teacher for 40 hours per week, Monday through Friday at one home in Arlington, VA. Virtual curriculum provided for the 1st and 3rd Grade students by their schools. $50-70/hr.
  • Los Angeles-based Pod of two families with four total students (two 4th grade and two 6th-Grade) seeking an in-home teacher (location will rotate among the three homes). We've unenrolled our children from their private school, and need a teacher to provide their own curriculum. 45 hours per week, Monday-Friday, allowing parents to return to work in-person. $80,000/year.
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