Selected Profiles Automatically Submit Once Fully Complete!

When completing your candidate profile, everything you enter is auto-saved as you go.

How will I know if it has been successfully completed & submitted?

  • Once you've successfully completed ALL required sections you will get a pop up confirming that your profile has successfully been submitted for approval.
  • You can double-check your profile's status on the top left side of the Profile tab. A status of Submitted and an orange banner is what you want to see!

Success looks like this:

How will I know if it has NOT been submitted yet?

  • The red warning icons let you know which of our mandatory sections you still need to complete. Hovering over the icon will give you a description of what needs to be added or fixed.
  • If your profile has not been submitted yet, your status will say Inactive and a red banner will appear across the top.

Can't figure out what's missing? Here are some clues!

Below are the most common errors for why a profile won't submit

1. Certification Information Inconsistent With Subject Section Answers

  • If in the "Subjects" section, you answered "Yes" to the question asking if you have any certifications completed (or in progress) for that subject area, but didn't add any certification details in your "Certification" section our system will not let you proceed.
  • To fix this, please either add certification details in your "Certification" section of your Candidate Summary page (by un-checking the box saying you have no certifications started) or change your answer to that question in the "Subjects" section to "No".

    To Add a Certification (Completed OR In Progress):


To Change Your Certification Status for Your Desired Subject to "No":

2. Forgot to Upload Profile Image

  • We require each candidate to have a profile image, however if you are not comfortable uploading an image of yourself, an education themed icon (e.g. an apple, books, etc. ) or your bitmoji works fine, too!

3. Phone Number is Not Yet Verified

  • To use our platform effectively, you need to verify your cell phone number by generating a 4-digit code. To do that, click the words that say "click here for 4-digit code", found right under where you need to input the code once received. That will send you a text message with your 4 digit code.
  • If the code is not delivered, that usually means you're not using a US-based cell phone number, or you've already used that phone number for a separate account with us under a different email address. If the latter is the case, please log out and log back in with the other email address to continue.

4. Haven't Written a Headline (or not long enough)

  • A headline is your introduction to employers. It should succinctly communicate your skills, experience, accomplishments and passions. See this article for headline examples!

5. Missing Experience Details

  • We collect information about past experience (including school types/locations you've worked in, alternative teacher prep program participation, and leadership roles held) to better understand and serve our candidates. Make sure to answer all of these questions!

6. Having Trouble Adding Degree

  • You need to add the details about your degree(s) to your profile, while we provide a dropdown list, you are not required to have attended one of the institutions on that list.*
  • If your college/university is not yet on our list, simply type the institution desired into the text box and click on the Custom: dropdown that appears. See this article for more information. If you're not seeing the Custom: dropdown appear, try adding a space after typing in your institution.

*Note: This is a beta feature (something new we are testing out!) and more institution options will be added over time!

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