From 3, 6, or 12 month plans priced on a sliding scale based on the number of schools, to a la carte job posts, we have a variety of plan options to meet your school/network's needs! Check out the details of our plan pricing here.

Why choose a messaging plan?

Without a messaging plan, like waiting around at a job fair, you're limited to only the candidates who come upon your job post and decide to apply. With a messaging plan, you can proactively target the candidates you most want to know about your school/positions.

Unique power of messaging plans:

  • Unlock proactive outreach. You'll be able to find and target candidates—whether for a particular vacancy/job post, or just to introduce them to your school and discuss possibilities that could be a good fit. That way, the best candidates know about your school and are on the lookout for relevant posts whether one is available yet or not, building out your pipelines in advance.
  • Supplement your job posts. You don't have to wait for folks to apply—you can find candidates and invite them to apply, or even just skip the traditional first step of the application process based on their qualifications and invite them immediately to interview. This is particularly useful for any postings that need to be urgently filled and/or that are typically harder to fill.
  • Effortlessly let candidates know that you're interested. When you send a message to a candidate, they instantly get an email and a text message prompting them to log in and respond to your message.
  • Get notifications that matter. Every week, you'll receive a tailored list of the candidates most recently added to your pool so you can stay on top of new leads. You'll also get a notification when candidates express interest in your school or job post so you can reach out immediately.
  • 1 or more job post is included! 3-month plans come with 1 job post, 6-month plans come with 3, and 12-month plans come with unlimited job posts.

What about a la carte job posts?

Our la carte job posts are designed for schools looking to advertise a single job passively or for schools who want more job posts than what is included in their messaging plan. Need an a la carte post credit? Visit your profile's Your Plan section.

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