Follow these steps to create a job post & publish it to our job board!

Step 1: Login and navigate to the "Job Posts" page.

Step 2: Click the orange "Create a Job Post" button.

Step 3: Once you've entered the details about your job post, click Save post.

Step 4: After saving, double check that all the required public post fields are filled out and then click Publish.

Note: If you do not click Publish, your position will be marked as "draft" and is ONLY visible to your team.

Don't have a plan or job post credits? One more step!

Step 5: Choose a job post credit or plan, then click Submit Order.

Make sure to click Publish again. A pop up lets you know you've been successful!

That's it! Happy posting 😁

Curious what happens once your job is published? Get more info here.

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