Features to Support Better Candidate Tracking

Previously, when a candidate passed on your message or became inactive on our platform, we hid them from your view (so you could more easily focus on your remaining candidates). That may have left you wondering what came of your outreach or what happened with a candidate you'd been in contact with previously.

We heard you.

Now you can keep track of candidates who have become inactive or who were unresponsive with our Search page features: Inactive Filter and Contacted Tab.

Inactive Filter

Have you ever gone to send a message to a candidate and noticed they had disappeared from your view? No more! You can now filter to see inactive candidates you've either invited to connect or have previously messaged with.

They'll have a clear "Inactive" label to let you know that this candidate has either not logged on to Selected for 30+ days OR has indicated they are have been hired (and are no longer actively looking for a teaching job).

Contacted Tab

Have you ever wondered what came of a message you sent? We've created a new way to view candidates who passed on what was formerly a connection invite (or allowed their invite to expire).

These candidates will still appear in your "Contacted" tab, and will remain anonymized unless they respond to a message. You can now sort this tab to clearly see who has/has not responded.

Note: Candidates tended to pass because they weren't interested in the specific position you reached out about. This is often not an indication that they are disinterested in your school in general. We recommend reaching out again to hear what position types they're looking to hear about!

We hope these features will provide you with:

  • Greater transparency into the lifecycle of candidates over time
  • Ability to track who you've been in contact with
  • Insight on candidates you did hire through Selected

Have more feedback for us? Just write in to hello@getselected.com!

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