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How to Download Candidate Data

Download a CSV of candidates you've messaged with!

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Using the CSV download, you'll be able to...

  • Look through historical candidates in one spot

  • Mail merge your contact list

  • Populate your ATS with candidates sourced through Selected

Download a CSV

Our platform collects and stores a lot of information for you. Now you can export historical candidate data and view it all in one place!

Your CSV download will include the following information about all of the candidates you've previously messaged with and those who've applied to a job post of yours on-platform:

  • First & last name

  • Email

  • Date messaged

  • School user who sent initial message

  • Date candidate responded

  • Resume link

  • Selected profile link

  • Notes

Simply navigate to the Search page of your profile and click the "Export Data" button to get your data!

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