Completing Your School/Network Profile

Complete your profile to attract more candidates!

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Completing your profile is an important step to take advantage of the free advertising we provide your school/network. When your profile is approved, it becomes discoverable by candidates, so taking these steps early will ensure you make a good impression.

1. Add a Logo

A logo adds legitimacy to your profile and can draw a candidate's attention. Make sure to click on "Profile Preview" to ensure you like the way the logo is displayed. A square image works best!

2. About Us

Use this space to describe your school and what makes it unique. You can easily copy and paste a ready-to-go blurb from your website into this section!

3. Ideal Candidate Qualifications

What makes a candidate a strong fit for your school? Use this section to let candidates know what you're looking for including requirements or your school's educational philosophy.

4. Employee Benefits/Perks

This section is designed for you to show off what your school has to offer. Candidates are often interested in knowing about:

  • Benefits packages (e.g. health Insurance, retirement savings, etc)

  • Selling points (e.g. parking/near transit, tuition reimbursement)

  • Professional development offerings (e.g. PD budget, mentoring)

  • DEI Initiatives (e.g. affinity groups)

Culture and Student/Faculty Information

We also provide a quick survey to record answers about the culture in your school/network. When completed, these responses help surface candidates who answered similarly as a "Culture Match".

You also have the option to provide information about your student and faculty populations to give candidates a sense of the school community.

🌟 Remember, your school's profile is a candidate's first impression

so it is important to provide as much information as possible! 🌟

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