Completing your school's profile is now easier than ever!

1. About Us

We've expanded the character limit for this section to 2000 so you have the space to describe your school and what makes it unique in the way you like. Or, you can easily copy and paste a ready-to-go blurb about your school in this section!

2. Ideal Candidate Qualifications

We've consolidated the "You should believe" and "You're a strong fit here if" sections in one place so you can concisely let candidates know what you're looking for.

3. Employee Benefits/Perks

This brand new section is designed for you to show off what your school has to offer.

Candidates are often interested in knowing about:

  • Benefits packages (e.g. health Insurance, retirement savings, etc)
  • Selling points & perks (e.g. parking/near transit, tuition reimbursement)
  • Professional development offerings (e.g. PD budget, mentoring)
  • DEI Initiatives (e.g. affinity groups)

🌟 Remember, your school's profile is a candidate's first impression

so it is important to provide as much information as possible! 🌟

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