March 2021 Features + Updates

Selected's Newest Regions
(as of 3/31/21)

Now serving additional schools in:

  • Florida: Jacksonville, Orlando, & Tampa
  • Louisiana: Baton Rouge
  • Mississippi: Jackson
  • North Carolina: Winston-Salem
  • Ohio: Columbus & Cincinnati
  • Tennessee: Chattanooga
  • Virginia: Norfolk, Newport News Richmond, Virginia Beach

3/23: Employers now have the ability to indicate when they've viewed a candidate profile!

You can also use filters to show only candidates you've already viewed or just those who are unviewed to make it easier to sort through your pool.

3/4: Need to add another user to your school's account? Fill out our new form and our team will take care of it within 1 business day. Read more here.

February 2021 Features + Updates

2/19: Job posts on the job board are now sorted in order of publish date and/or edited date (whichever is more recent).

2/10: We've made our filters easier to use by adding a "Clear All" button.

Selected's New Regions
(as of 2/19/21)

Now serving schools in Cleveland, Ohio & Charleston, South Carolina!

January 2021 Features + Updates

1/29: We've streamlined the School Profile Page with less text fields and expanded character counts so you can easily introduce your school in the way you like! See more here.

1/25: Candidates can now apply to job posts with just 1 CLICK! Choosing 1-click apply will automatically share the candidate's full name, contact information, and resume with the school. Candidates will still be prompted to follow any additional application instructions provided by the school.

Schools will be able to see these now non-anonymized candidates in their new “Applicants” tab and can access their full resume. Refresh your page to check it out!

1/12: Our homepage got a new look 🙌 Here's to a (beautiful) more user-friendly layout and design! homepage

1/5: Job Board Sorting Change

We've updated our job board so it now sorts by creation date with the newest posts at the top!

December 2020 Features + Updates

12/23: Goodbye, Connection Invites!

Instead of inviting a candidate to connect, schools can jump right into messaging to share details about the school or position(s), grab candidates' attention, and make the process more efficient.

As soon as candidates reply, their full contact information and resume will become visible to the school. More details available here.

12/18: Features to Support Candidate Tracking

Now, keep track of candidates who have become inactive or not responded to your outreach with our NEW Search page features:

1. Inactive Candidates Filter: Filter to see inactive candidates you've either invited to connect or have previously messaged with. Read more here.

2. New Labels: Easily find candidates who've passed on an invite or let it expire (unresponsive for 7 days). Read more here.

Candidate Passed

Candidate Unresponsive

3. Download a CSV file of your candidates: Export historical data on candidate you've messaged with and view it all in one place. Your CSV file includes each candidate's first and last name, email, date messaged, school user who messaged, date candidate responded, resume link, Selected's profile link, and notes. Read more here.

4. Interested tab: Find candidates who have expressed interest in your school or public job posts.

Selected's New Regions
(as of 12/08/20)

Now serving school in Dallas Fort Worth, New Orleans, Chicago, and International Schools!

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P.S. Contact to learn more about international schools.

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