How to Use the Search Page

The Search page is your home base for finding great educators and tracking your candidate pool! Here's what you'll see:

1. Create a Job Post

Have a specific position in mind? Create a job post right from the search page to find best fit candidates.

Even if you're not ready to publish, Use the Filter by Job Post Match dropdown to have your post act like a saved search, surfacing only candidates who match the criteria you entered.

See this article for step-by-step instructions on how to create & publish a job post.

2. Download Your Candidates

Export candidate connections in a CSV and view the data all in one place.

The download will include first & last name, email, date invited, school user who invited, date connected, resume & profile link, and notes for all of your historical connections.

3. Search Filters

Filters help you narrow down your prospects. You have many options including role, years of experience, certification, grade levels taught, subjects, available by date, and more.

4. Tabs

The Search page has several tabs to keep candidates organized.

  • All, used to see everyone in one spot.
  • Prospects, candidates that match with your basic preferences.
  • Contacted, candidates you've sent a message to.
  • Bookmarked, candidates you've saved for later.
  • Interested, highly engaged candidates who have expressed interest in hearing more about one of your job posts or your school.

Use the Inactive and passed candidates filters to further drill down to exactly who you want to see at any given time.

5. Candidate Card

Each candidate has a card which gives you a preview including their education & relevant experience. You'll also notice:

  • View Profile. Click here to see a more detailed version of the candidate profile.
  • Labels. Quickly see certifications, culture matches, and subjects.
  • Message Button. Interested? Send an initial message right from the Search page.
  • Bookmark Button. Save a candidate for later.
  • Notes. Leave internal notes for yourself or your other team members using your school's Selected account.

Once a candidate replies to your initial message, you'll be able to view their full name, resume, and contact information!

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