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Finding Your Way Around the Search Page

Preview the main features of the employer search page

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How to Use the Search Page

The Search page is your home base for finding great educators and tracking your candidate pool! Here's what you'll see:

  1. Tabs

The Search page has several tabs to keep candidates organized.

  • New, candidates that match with your basic preferences that you haven't interacted with or marked as viewed yet.

  • Contacted, candidates you've sent a message to.

  • Bookmarked, candidates you've saved for later.

  • Favorited You, highly engaged candidates who have expressed interest in hearing more about one of your job posts or your school.

  • All, used to see everyone in one spot.

2. Candidate Cards

Each candidate has a card which gives you a preview including their education & relevant experience. You'll also notice:

  • Profile Link. Click the link to see a more detailed version of the candidate profile.

  • Badges. Quickly see if a candidate is a culture match, ivy league grad, or available for summer.

  • Mark as Viewed. Keep the "New" tab clutter free by marking those profile's you've already viewed but decided not to message at this time.

  • Message. Candidates can’t message first, so message them a quick hello to get the ball rolling!

    Further actions in the 3 dot menu:

  • Bookmark. Save a candidate for later.

  • Add Note. Leave internal notes for yourself or your other team members using your school's Selected account. These are not visible to the candidate.

  • Share. Email a colleague a link to the candidate's profile.

Once a candidate replies to your initial message, you'll be able to view their full name, resume, and contact information!

3. Search Filters

Filters help you narrow down your pool. You have many options including roles, years of experience, certification, grade levels, subjects, available by date, and more.

4. Schedule a Call

Need a walkthrough? Have a question about your account? Schedule a video call right from the search page to connect with our team.

5. Download Your Candidates

Export candidate connections in a CSV and view the data all in one place.

The download will include first & last name, email, date invited, school user who invited, date connected, resume & profile link, and notes for all of your historical connections.

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