The first message you send to schools doesn’t just indicate your interest; it also provides an opportunity to showcase your written communication skills. In fact, you’ll want to think of this as more of a mini cover-letter than an instant message. When reaching out to a school, consider the following:

1. Individualization Matters

i. Pick a few things out of the school’s profile that stood out you

ii. Express excitement and share:

  • What makes you a great fit for the role
  • What you’ll be able to contribute to the team

2. Your Preferred Role

i. Let the school know what subjects and grade levels you’re looking to work with

ii. If applicable, share those that you’d be interested in hearing more about

3. The Sign-Off

i. State that you look forward to the opportunity to discuss your candidacy further with their team

ii. If applicable, let them know your routine availability

iii. Close the message as you would a more formal email

4. Patience is Key

  • Schools receive a lot of messages and applications; it may take some time to get back to you
  • We always suggest giving the school at least a week before sending a follow-up message


Thanks for connecting with me. :) I am looking for a high school science position, do you have any roles like that? Def. interested to hear more!!



Dear Ms. Selected,

I hope this email finds you well. I was impressed to see the number of students enrolled in AP courses at Olympia Charter Academy and was excited to see your school’s dedication to athletics. I am currently teaching AP Chemistry but am hoping to find a school that also understands and values the impact athletics can have on a student’s academic performance. As a former college basketball player, I have seen firsthand the many ways school and sports can positively impact one another - and I hope to help emphasize this with students at Olympia Charter.

I have experience teaching both middle school and high school science courses, and as stated, currently teach AP Chemistry. I would also love to start coaching at the high school level and have experience playing soccer (high school) and basketball (high school and college). In addition, I minored in journalism and would be open and interested in teaching electives courses like newspaper and yearbook.

I very much look forward to hearing more about the opportunities at Olympia Charter. I am available any day after 3:45pm as well as 12:15-1:30pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays.



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