At Selected, we take pride in providing you with a pool of pre-screened, quality candidates to support your family or pod's learning needs. You can be confident that every candidate you see on Selected is qualified, actively job-searching, and open to working with families/learning pods.

Below is more detail about what we look for in a candidate (so you don't have to!).

Step 1: Baseline Criteria

Candidates must first meet these criteria to be considered:

  • Earned a Bachelor’s degree by the school year for which they are applying
  • Are currently located AND authorized to work in the US

Step 2: Qualifications

If a candidate satisfies our baseline criteria, we then look for one or more of the following:

  • Education Degree (completed or in progress)
  • Certification (completed or in progress)
  • Teaching Experience

If a candidate does not have 1 of the above, we make exceptions for those with both:

  • Demonstrated content expertise in a high need subject area (STEM, SpEd, core content areas)
  • Experience working K-12 Youth

Additional Considerations for Families/Pods

We know that needs can vary greatly from family to family or pod to pod. Some are looking for an experienced educator to create and facilitate curriculum and across multiple grades and subjects while others may only need someone to ensure their students are following and completing their school's assignments on time.

As a result, you may see some candidate labeled as Junior Teachers. Junior teachers are either undergraduate students currently pursuing an education degree or non-education bachelor's degree holders with youth-work or relevant content expertise. We've provided this label to give families/pods access to the right candidate for their needs.

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