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Job Posts: The Basics

What is included when I post a job on Selected?

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Using Selected to post a job is unlike your traditional job board experience! Not only is your post visible to our 40,000+ pre-screened, job-seeking educators, but it's also proactively marketed directly to their inbox weekly!

When you post a job on Selected, your job is:

Immediately added to our job board. Educators can view your position, bookmark it, and view the full posting to learn how to apply. Our job board's education-specific filters (e.g, subjects, grade levels) make sure the best-fit candidates can easily find your post.

Collecting information about "1-Click Apply" applicants. Any candidate who clicks on "1-Click Apply" agrees to share their full name, links to their profile and resume, and their contact information with you. In the Applicants tab you'll also be able to see which of your public posts they've applied to and update their application status.

โ€‹Marketed to matching candidates weekly. Your job post is blasted out via a targeted digest to all matching candidates (those who are a match for your position type, location, subject, and grade levels) in our weekly recommended opportunities email.

How can I get job posts?

UNLIMITED job posts are included with all subscriptions, including trials! Those on legacy 6 month plans will have 3 credits during their plan period.

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