Applicants Page

The Applicants page is your one stop shop to review candidate resumes and track where candidates are in your application pipeline for each of your public job posts.

What You Can See

On this page you'll find non-anonymized candidate information. Even if you haven't contacted them previously, when a candidate clicks "1-click apply" on your job post they agree to share their full name, links to their profile and resume, along with their contact information. You'll also be able to see which of your public posts they've applied to.

What You Can Do

1. Filter Your Applicant Pool

On the left hand side, you'll see filters you can use to view a specific group of applicants. Filter to see candidates who've applied to a specific position, candidates in a certain status, and more!

2. Message Candidates

Ready to move forward? Send a candidate an initial message right from this page. If you've previously messaged the candidate, your message history will be visible here as well. You can even attach the job post in your message to remind them which position you're referencing or include links to your external application process or scheduling platform.

Pro Tip: Even if a candidate will not be moving forward, send them a message thanking them for their interest and letting them know their application was received. You never know if someone's experience/qualifications will change and they'd be a viable candidate in the future. You want to leave a good impression as a responsive and empathetic employer!

Don't have messaging included in your plan? Upgrade your plan here.

3. Update Candidate Application Status

After taking a look at the candidate's profile and resume, you decide what's next. Choose from a dropdown of common statuses such as Needs Review, Reviewed, Interview, Rejected, Offer Extended, Offer Declined, and Hired. The default candidate status is "Needs Review."

Pro Tip: Keep each candidate's status up to date so your teammates know where each candidate stands and don't duplicate work.

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