Do I need to upload an image to my profile?
Choosing the right image for your candidate profile.
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Yes, we do require candidates to have a profile image.

Most candidates choose to upload an image of themselves. A great profile image is similar to a headshot you might find on LinkedIn.

Quick Tips

DO โœ…


  • Have a simple, non-distracting background

  • Choose an outfit you'd wear on the job

  • Use a high-resolution SQUARE image

  • Have others in the photo (e.g. students)

  • Include your name anywhere on the image

  • Be offensive in any way

If you are not comfortable uploading a photo of yourself, no worries! Your profile is a place to show your creativity & you can upload any image that you feel represents you as an educator.


Here are some ideas that you can use for inspiration:

  1. A personalized avatar or bitmoji

  2. An education themed photo or icon

  3. An image relevant to your subject matter

    After uploading, make sure you go to Profile Preview to see how the image you chose will look for employers.

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