Yes, we allow international candidates to create profiles and join our educator pool. How you'll be able to leverage Selected will depend on your work authorization status. Read below for answers to commonly asked questions.

Can Selected sponsor international candidates?

No, we are not a sponsoring agency. Selected is a matching platform that helps job seeking educators and hiring employers find one another. Any employment offers and contract terms will be determined between the candidate and the employer independent of Selected.

Do employers who use Selected provide visa sponsorship?

Employers who use our platform to find educators are typically based in the United States. This means in general, they are looking for candidates already living in and authorized for work in the US, too. Most employers we work with do not offer visa sponsorship at this time.

We do have a few schools that are open to working with international candidates but opportunities for sponsorship tend to be limited. Should you meet our other criteria- including having a completed Bachelor's degree, teaching certification/experience, and relevant skills- we will approve you as an international candidate, allowing you to interact with these employers.

Do you work with schools outside of the US?

Yes, we work with a handful of schools that have international locations. If approved, you will be shown to these schools by default.

How do I complete my profile if I am an international candidate?

Our system doesn't accept international zip codes or phone numbers at this time. For now, you'll need to:

  1. Choose the country you are currently residing in when completing Step 1- About you.

  2. Choose all the locations you'd be open to relocating to from the Locations dropdown. We encourage you to include at least one of our international locations.

  3. Mention your situation in your Headline (e.g. based outside of the US, interested in relocating, etc.)

What will I be able to do as an international candidate?

When your profile is reviewed, you'll be marked as an international candidate, meaning you'll only be shown to / able to interact with employers who either:

  • have international locations in their Match Preferences

  • have indicated they are willing to sponsor international candidates to work at their US-based locations

You will only be able to Favorite and 1-Click Apply to these employers. All other employers will have those buttons greyed out.

What other support does Selected provide for international candidates?

All candidates, regardless of location or nationality are welcomed to use our free professional development resources:

International candidates might also want to look into these organizations that may be able to help with sponsorship. We hope to continue to expand to serve additional international schools in the future!

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