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What is the Candidate Dashboard?

Your Dashboard is your home base on Selected!

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We created the Dashboard to help you get oriented each time you log in to your Selected account.

Dashboard Actions

View//edit your profile

See what you look like to potential employers! If something has changed, be sure to update that section accordingly.

Remember, your full name and resume will be hidden until you agree to share it with an employer.

See who's viewed your profile

Check out profiles of schools who are looking at you!

Review recommended jobs

Quickly access our job board which is pre-filtered for posts that align with your Match Preferences.

Respond to new messages

Jump straight to your inbox to respond to any unread messages that have come in since you last logged in!

See jobs you've applied to

Review the jobs you've applied to via Selected and check if you have any outstanding next steps.

Update your job search status

Let us know if you're no longer looking or have been hired so we can deactivate your profile. This will hide you from employers and prevent you from getting future notification emails from us.

Favorite schools

No messages yet? Let employers know you want to hear from them by Favoriting them from the Schools page.

Check out our resource library

Get prepared for the interview process and beyond with our free courses and blog offerings.

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