What is the Employer Dashboard?

What you'll see each time you log in.

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We created the Dashboard to help you get oriented each time you log in to your Selected account.

Here are the actions you can take:

Edit/view your profile

See what you look like to potential candidates!

Remember, your profile is your first impression and influences whether or not a candidate will express or reciprocate interest.

Check your plan status

Quickly assess your message and job post access and determine if you need to edit your subscription.

Work on your checklist

Make sure your profile is complete and you've taken the actions proven to lead to successful hires.

Respond to new messages

Jump straight to your inbox to respond to any unread messages that have come in since you last logged in!

Review applicants

Check for new applicants & update their statuses to keep your pipeline up to date.

Review favorites

No messages yet? Check out the profiles of highly interested candidates who have favorited your school.

Check out our resource library

Get tip from our free courses and blog offerings.

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