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Setting Up Message Templates

Communicate with candidates more efficiently using saved templates.

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Message Templates help you save time when communicating with candidates. Templates are shared by all users on the school/network account and once created, they can be inserted into any message.

Follow these steps create a template:

  1. Go to Menu > Profile > Message Templates

  2. Click on the + Create new template button

  3. Name your template & write the content

  4. Click Save changes

You can create Message Templates for:

  • Introducing yourself to the candidate

  • Inviting candidates to different stages of the interview process

  • Sharing personalized links

  • Following up on previous outreach

  • Alerting candidates about upcoming info sessions or events

When you're ready to use a template:

  1. Find the candidate you'd like to Message

  2. Choose the appropriate template from the dropdown

  3. Click send

Here's to streamlined communication and faster hires!

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