We want to make it easy for Selected to fit in with your current hiring workflow so we've expanded and improved our ATS integrations!

Current ATS Integrations Supported

  • Greenhouse

  • JazzHR

  • SmartRecruiters

Steps Integrate your ATS

  1. From your Plans page, go to the Integrations tab

  2. Click on "+ Add Integration"

  3. Choose your ATS from the dropdown

  4. Follow the instructions for your system and click "Connect"


JazzHR or SmartRecruiters

You will need your Greenhouse email & password credentials in order to authenticate.

You will need to login to your ATS to get your unique API key which can be found in Settings (JazzHR) or Credential Manager (SmartRecruiters).

If you don't use any of the systems mentioned above, no worries! Using the csv download feature you can populate your ATS with candidates sourced through Selected! Go to the Search Page and click on the export data download button to get started.

Check out this article for more information.

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