Given the current teacher shortage across the US, candidates have a lot of options to consider. The longer/more complex your application and interview process, the more likely a candidate you're interested in may already have an offer from another employer. Make it easy for candidates to apply:

  1. Provide a concise job description

    Most candidates will start by skimming your job post, so get clear on your "must-haves" and make those key points up front. We recommend using section headers and bullet points to organize your post.

    Some sections to include are:

    • Position Overview

    • Responsibilities

    • Qualifications

    • Compensation & Benefits

  2. Keep the process simple

    The candidates you see on Selected have been pre-screened for you. The fewer hoops candidates have to jump through to submit an application, the more likely they are to apply. We encourage you to eliminate extra steps for the candidate wherever possible!

    Consider the following:

    • Do you need to ask candidates to send their resume? Remember—you'll receive it with their 1-Click Apply or response to your message.

    • Is a cover letter a must-have? Perhaps you can assess the same competencies during a phone screen or demo lesson.

    • Is it necessary to have them fill out a separate application? Remember—you can download a csv of all connected candidate info.

    • Can asking for references wait until later in the process?

    Pro Tip: In your application directions, be sure to tell candidates to use the "1-Click Apply" button to immediately unlock access to their resume and non-anonymized profile.

  3. Fill out your Selected profile

    Most candidates will naturally do a bit of research about your school before applying and the first place they'll check is your school profile! A completed profile gives them the information they'll want to know up front and makes the decision to apply much easier.

A strong profile includes details about:

  • your student body and faculty

  • school culture

  • your ideal candidate

  • benefits and perks of working at your school

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